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Beth Forst

Many of Beth Forst’s life experiences, whether in employment or education, have led her to become an
influential artist and plein air painter. She has always filled her focus with drawings, paintings, and murals
and has been selling her work since 1980, beginning with graphite portraits of children. A sales career in
the graphic arts/printing field enhanced her knowledge before working as a mural painter and sketch
artist. Painting outdoors propelled her into a full time career as an artist. Beth Forst’s focus for original
excellence has led to a remarkable body of work. She has feathered her cap with many prestigious local
awards, as well as national awards. Her work can be found in several galleries and art fairs throughout
the Midwest and Florida, and in collections worldwide.

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Lynn Dunbar

is a nationally recognized painter who has participated in, and won awards for plein air competitions all over the U.S. Her artwork is featured on the 2018 Kentucky Derby and Oaks Posters available at Churchill Downs, and will be featured on the 2018 Holiday Edition of Woodford Reserve Bourbon.  She has received the Award of Merit 2016, Owensboro Museum of Art, Science and History, Grand Prize Portland Heritage Arts Show 2014, honorable mention at the Salon International 2013, the 2012 Purchase Prize from the Owensboro Museum of Art, and the 2011 Grand Prize from the Louisville Women’s Club. Dunbar’s work has been featured most recently in the September 2017 Plein Air Magazine, and in American Art Review.

Mary Dennis Kannappel


is an artist and designer working in a broad range of media – painting, clay, glass and fiber.

Kannapell is attracted to a wide range of mediums and material because she feels that each moves at a different rhythm. If there is one connecting theme to her work, it is the relationship between the earth as a living organism and human evolution.

“The materials I use in the creation of these sculptures represent the volcanic activity responsible for producing life,” Kannapell explains. “Fire and earth also give us the mediums of glass and ceramics. These materials have essential, primal qualities that are appropriate for forging new identities from the ashes of the past.”

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