Jack Cochran

From his earliest recollection Jack cannot remember a time when he was not drawing or showing an interest in art. His interest only grew as he got older.He attended the University of Kentucky in Lexington ,Kentucky on a Donovan scholarship,enrolling at the age of 65. He earned a B.A. and a B.F.A degree and graduated magna cum laude. Significant ? well.. Jack is a late deafened person and the first Deaf to graduate in the U.K. arts dept. he works in a variety of media,although oil painting and drawing are the focus of his work.Jack’s art has been in numerous exhibits in and around Lexington.His work is in private collections and exhibited in various art galleries .To return what he has been given , Jack teaches 3 art class a week at the local Ymca and at his art studio in Victorian Square Artist attic. Being a late-deafened person, Jack uses the language of art as his visual communication mode. He states there is no language barrier to understanding a beautiful piece of art, whether in a tonalistic study, vibrant floral’s, portraits or landscapes. In addition to classes at the University of Kentucky and other art workshops and classes for fine art painting, he has studied the techniques of printing, screen prints, woodcuts and monotype and intends to continue this pursuit. The Donovan Program for Scholars at the University of Kentucky has enabled Jack to acquire his skills at the Art Studio. My hope is to continue the study of art in its many forms, especially art history and art philosophy classes. Jack states that he enjoys the challenge of metal sculpture and the visual exploration of three dimensional art concepts.

From the moment I picked up a pencil as a small child, I knew that drawing and art were main purposes in my life.  Today, I enjoy using that purpose by sketching or painting portraits, still life and landscapes.  Moving to Artists' Attic has also allowed me to tap into the amazing synergy created by a group of very talented and engaging artists.  I have found a unique place to stretch myself and constantly aim for that next artistic step.  As you tour the Artists' Attic website, I look forward to the time when you can tour our studios in person. 

Come visit us and talk to the artists.  We love visitors while we work.

Kentucky artist Bill Fletcher spent the first half of his working life in the field of Toxicology.  Pursing a lifelong interest in art, he began painting in oils in 1996.  Now a full time artist and instructor, Bill spends as much time as he can outdoors hiking and painting. Favorite subjects include scenes with water, undisturbed natural places, and architectural subjects that reflect a certain harmony with the surrounding land.  About working plein air, Bill says, “When painting outdoors, I feel a connection to my subject and to Nature I just can’t get indoors.  My paintings are my sincere response to that connection.”

Dan McGrath

Dan is second career artist who enjoys the outdoors, hiking and canoeing, and Plein Aire painting. Twentieth Century British and American landscape painters have been influences, especially David Sawyer, Marc Hanson, Michael Alexander, Edward Seago, and Scott Christensen. He has studied with Mary Neely, Kevin Menck, Booth Malone, Bill Fletcher, Jay Moore, and Yvonne Todd. He is the founder of the Plein Air Painters of the Bluegrass, and a member of the Oil Painters of America, American Society of Marine Artists and the Kentucky Guild of Artists and Craftsmen.   He accepts commissions each year for landscapes and other subjects.

Lora Lea Dawson

"An artist shares the world in a way they see it. My vision is to share what I have seen that is trans-formative in it's simplicity or that gives a sense of place, time, and story telling.  I paint expressively with strong brush strokes, energy and color."

The Red Umbrella Series originated as a self imposed challenge to grow as an artist. One unifying element (the red umbrella), a limited palette, and the challenge of applying the oil paint sans brushes ... (only two palette knives) were implemented.
I believe it is essential for an artist to have a willingness to learn while embracing the encompassing challenges. This can only lead to growth, which is a wonderful experience in and of itself!

Sandra Kryst

Painting for me is a contemplative practice.  It is a path for expressing the beauty, joy and magic I see everywhere in the world.   Plein air painting is especially intriguing to me because it helps me see through the seeming chaos and disorder of a scene to the fascinating structure beneath.  The act of creating a painting helps me communicate with and experience the world on a deeper, more intimate level.  It reflects the joy and struggle and the mystery of life.

Ronna has a BA in Communications from Southern Illinois University
followed by a two year program in Visual Communications Art (Design
and Illustration). She then completed two internships, one with
Medical Arts and Photography, University of Kentucky and one with PBS
affiliate, Kentucky Educational Television (KET). During her career as
a designer and illustrator her paintings were used for television
program openings, theme based advertising campaigns, posters, magazine
covers, greeting cards, to support televison series narrative,
educational materials, and they have been privately commissioned. Her
work has earned numerous awards.

Painting in oil and acrylic, she is now devoted to her fine art,
photography and research for reference material, and teaches on a
limited basis. Buyers and visitors in her gallery are intrigued by the
powerful atmospheric qualities her paintings convey. A current focus
has been the energetic drama of light and shadow. Themes in her work
often reflect the life and beauty of her native Kentucky.

“The power of imagery to express ideas became central to my
development as an artist. I internalized the understanding that
artwork was a narrative. The visual language of my work is simple. It
communicates what is often a sense of the shared human experience: the
beauty in a sunset, the majesty of wildlife, or the sense of mystery
in a foggy jungle haze. I am compelled to paint, and though it is
difficult to describe why, the reason is probably found not just in
the finished piece, but somewhere in the process. I feel the
excitement of something to be expressed, and as the artwork develops,
the story unfolds. As I continue to paint, the story becomes richer.
In those moments, I feel more alive because of my sense of connection
to the story that my painting tells.” To learn more about the artist,
please visit her website, drawlady.com

For the last 22 summers, I have had the opportunity to study in France, painting "en plein air" in the footsteps of my heroes. I grew up in Cherokee Park in Louisville, Kentucky, trailing Beargrass Creek with my dog, my BB gun, and my sketchbook. I owe my basic skills and my desire to paint to my mentor, Miss Lucy Diecks, longtime instructor at Atherton and the University of Louisville, KY.

"I utilize natural elements such as Kentucky coal and Kentucky River sand to create unique, contemporary dynamic equine, landscapes, seascapes and abstract paintings."

Kathleen B. Hudson emphasizes dynamic light and atmospherics in her landscape paintings. Her work

has been featured on the cover of PleinAir Magazine and in Southwest Art and Fine Art Conoisseur.

Hudson’s awards include Grand Prize in the PleinAir Salon, Grand Prize at Plein Air Texas, and Artists’

Choice at Forgotten Coast en Plein Air.


Hudson enjoyed a bohemian education and travelled widely, visiting art museums and exploring the

landscape. In 2005 she moved to Boston to pursue a degree at Harvard University, where she painted,

studied mountain travel narratives, and led backpacking trips. Now based in Lexington, Kentucky,

Hudson takes part in national festivals and teaches workshops around the country.

Julie Quick

Julie creates pastel paintings that are lively and characteristics of the mood or beauty of her context. She is intrigued by the relationship of stable landscape against the ever moving sky; in her equine paintings she sees the relationship between horse and rider in a similar way through movement and response, and strives to create those relationships through both bold and subtle gestural marks.

Clifford Goss

My current work is best summarized as "freedom of expression". Each painting is an escape from my career of communicating "realism" to now expressing a "visual experience" on the canvas.  

Color is the primary design focus in the creation of my paintings. Color palettes range from minimal to complex and are inspired by a love of nature and balance. My paintings are a "fluid" creation incorporating additional design elements including  movement, rhythm, texture and shape.  

My challenge is to combine the emotions and creative process of an artist, and to provide a unique visual experience to each individual viewing my paintings.  I am fascinated, as an artist, by each individuals' interpretation and emotional reaction to my individual work. 

Elbert Hubbard said Art is not a thing; it is a way. Since I first held a pencil, art is a way for me to understand, see and interpret the world arsound me. Inspired by an awesome high school art teacher, I earned a BA in Art in the early 70’s. After a long career in management and marketing in the non-profit sector, I found my way back to the study and creation of art.  As a student of art, I work to improve my skills by practice and studying with the local and national artists whom I admire. As a creator of art, I love exploring the potential and limits of a variety of mediums, styles and subjects.  Art is my way to learning, creating and exploring. 

Cissy Hamilton, a native Kentuckian, has been a practicing artist and teacher for many

years. Her work is in collections across the country. She is proficient in a variety of

mediums and her current focus is oil painting. She accepts selective commissions. For

more information visit her website, https://www.cissyhamilton.com.

Andy Bass

Ann, also known as Andy has had a life long interest in art.  She finds design and color the most exciting elements of a painting,  Working in oils has given her the perfect tool to explore her artistic journey.


Marsha Icko Paris

Marsha has had a lifetime passion for horses and art, woven into an intertwined journey resulting in her beautiful representational paintings.


Since moving to Lexington, painting has been her focus.

Marsha remarked, “ I love vivid color and my joy is capturing the expressions of the people and animals I paint. Commission portraits are welcome.


I can’t go very long without painting.  It’s like an athlete who drives himself to work out—who needs to feel the sweat drip and his heart race. Immersing myself in a painting generates that same sense of physical satisfaction.  For me, painting is the most important work I can do. It is my passion, my purpose, my fulfillment and my reward.  

Bernice Wood

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Marium Van Meter

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