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23 Summers in France

Artist Mary Neely is a well loved teacher of oil painting at the Artists' Attic in Lexington. Not only does she teach regularly at the Attic, but her love of France and its culture has pressed her to spend 23 summers in France, painting just as the impressionists did, and bringing her students along with her. Mary captures the romanticism of light or a moment that makes you want to linger in the work of her brushstrokes of her work.

Although Covid-19 has prevented Mary from traveling to her beloved France in 2020, she hopes to return whenever it is safe to travel again and to teach. Many of us wonder when that will be, but Mary's paintings can provide a remedy for our own desires to log some travel and discover places anew.


Monday - Friday 11am-5pm by appointment 254-5501

Saturday 12-4pm open to the public.

Masks are required for admittance and social distancing should be observed for the duration of the visit.


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