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An Architect and Artist Finds the Angles of "Backcountry" in Kentucky

Updated: May 21, 2021

Frank Culberson is an established architect who finds his inspiration in traveling the backroads of Kentucky. In this new exhibit, "Kentucky Backcountry", he captures some familiar scenes along the historic roads of the Bluegrass, as well as places that are not as well known to us. Frank's passion for nature and structures are expressed in over 30 new oil paintings. He draws the eye in with his focus on a nuanced angle of an aged building or barn, and creates a sense of the rusty texture of old silos, grain bins and bridges. The "Breene Barn" painting is one of several in this exhibit that show Frank's balance of structure blending into its natural background. His contrast of cool colors on the barn next to the warmth of the sunny field in the distance tells the story of a long summer day in the backcountry of Kentucky.

Frank also finds the structures and angles of his architectural background in scenes that are completely found in nature. In his painting, "Gorge Tunnel", the subtle angles of the layers of sedimentary rock direct your eye to the tunnel opening, while the vertical trees and rock crevices act as the supporting structures of the painting. You can see these two paintings in the gallery below, as well as many other beautiful examples of "Backcountry".

You won't want to miss this chance to see how Frank's design aesthetic influences meshes with his impressionistic style. Opening night is Friday, May 21, from 5-8 pm at the Attic. Please join us!

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