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Exploring Art on Both Sides

Updated: Mar 1

Lora Lea Kinnett Dawson is a Lexington Kentucky based painter who found her voice while working on her Masters and studying under Robert Tharsing in the 1990's. He emphasized painting not only what is seen but that which is unseen. As a result of many years of study and exploration she paints her canvases with bold intuitive strokes of color, and layers of movement and texture. The titled exhibit "On Both Sides now" was chosen from the lyrics of Joni Mitchell's Song, "On Both Sides Now" and Lora Lea also chose to use this title for a painting which she created in memory of her brother, Jonathan David Kinnett, for his belief in her work as an artist. The painting will be included in the exhibit. Lora Lea shares her sentiment by saying "This body of work is evidence of all of the things I have learned and want to share, as seen from both sides now."

Lexington, Kentucky based artist Alice Underwood Leininger has been practicing her painting skills for several years. She shares the stage with Lora Lea Dawson in this exhibit and presents another side of work. She paints mostly in oil but also uses watercolor, acrylic and gouache. Originally a graphic designer, Alice uses art to play with light and color. She shares groupings of cakes and lanterns in her new works. Alice states" I am an explorer at heart, and with art I can boldly go where no one has gone before. Every painting is a wonderful adventure. I recommend it." Meet Lora Lea and Alice at the Opening reception during Gallery Hop on Friday, March 18,2022 from 5-8 pm at the Artists Attic.

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