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Calming Chaos through Contemplation

Sandra Kryst has been painting landscapes for many years in oils and finds it to be a very contemplative practice. Sandra recently talked about her work and had this to share about her life as a painter. "It is a path for expressing the beauty and magic I see everywhere in the world--and especially in the wild places. Plein air painting is intriguing to me because it helps me see through the seeming chaos and disorder of a scene, whether it be a landscape or a cityscape, a portrait or a figure, to the fascinating pattern underneath. The act of creating a painting helps me communicate with and experience the world on a much deeper, more intimate level. It reflects the joy and struggle and mystery of life."

In the rather chaotic world in which we live, Sandra seeks to find and share the beauty of calmness. She uses a serene approach to connect and bring meaning to her paintings. In the gallery below you will see her brushstrokes come to life. Sandra is currently experimenting with acrylics and palette knife to encourage looser and more abstract designs. She is also working on new snow scenes and nocturnes; be on the lookout for new things coming soon from Sandra.

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