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"Capturing Experiences" by Tom Post

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Friday, May 17, 2019


Since exposed to the impressionist movement during my college years, my art has been about capturing honest interpretations of what I see and experience. Being observant to rhythms and movements in my subject matter is part of this process for its part of my experience, even though it may be very subtle.

To be successful in this, I paint with a conversation in my mind. Questions that analyze and help me understand what I’m seeing and experiencing. In the beginning it’s “why and what”. Why do I see what I see and what is the best way to communicate it? Later it becomes, “how”. How well did I do in communicating the earlier questions? Honesty is crucial throughout. I don’t want to answer anything with preconceived ideas. This keeps things fresh and new. Another aspect of art that I love is the mark making itself. I see each stroke and brush mark as if they’re notes in a song. Each one is unique and beautiful in itself but together they become something bigger. They make music. Of course this is dependent on whether I capture the right relationship between them all and this ties back to understanding what I see.

This body of art is my attempts at creating music through paint, capturing life and experiences. Hopefully they communicate the awe I experience in the created world all around me. It’s beautiful, energetic, and full of inspiration.

Tom Post has been a professional artist for 39 years working as an freelance illustrator and painter. He’s created art for P&G, Dairy Pure, Chiquita and other Fortune 500 companies. You can see his art on products made by Warped Wing brewery, Madtree brewery, Old Spice, and Sacred Beast. Recently he teamed up with Neltner’s Small Batch in creating a mural for the Holocaust exhibit in Cincinnati’s Union Terminal. In between his commissioned art, he’s explores art making through oil painting and charcoal drawings. He resides in Cincinnati, Ohio with his high school sweet heart wife and is a father to two beautiful children. He gives big credit goes to his wife on that one.


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