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Emerging Artist Janet Dake joins the Artists Attic

Updated: Feb 9, 2021

When Artist and 2020 graduate of the University of Louisville, Janet Dake, started making plans for life after graduation, the Covid-19 pandemic quickly altered what she thought her year might be like. As the world shut down, so did her immediate plans. As a result Janet looked for other opportunities, and her art raced to the forefront. Although art wasn't the intention of her primary work in 2020, it quickly became her focus. As Janet began to create and share her work on social media, others took notice and she began to outgrow her creative space.

Janet realized that she would soon need to find a more suitable space to work in, and she teamed up with Jacob Miller to look for a studio space in Lexington in which she could work and share her creative process. After scouring the Lexington landscape for studio spaces, she and Jacob sent their juried work to Artists Attic and were accepted as the two newest artists at the Attic. A few studio spaces had opened as a result of the pandemic so the timing was right for them to join in at the Attic.

Janet's work explores the different manifestations of femininity and masculinity in the modern era, and how such expressions mark a sharp turn from prior conceptions of gender and sexuality. She believes that art not only reflects life, but defines it as well. Janet hopes to use her work to effect positive societal change, not only by putting forth beautiful and visually captivating work, but by creating an atmosphere that encourages civil dialogue and critical thinking.

Janet works primarily with oil paint on canvas, and also applies gold leaf for added textural emphasis to some of her paintings. She works paints on fabric to create wearable art, and is venturing into even larger spaces by focusing on her mural work in 2021. Please stop by and see our newest artists soon! Jacob Miller will be featured in our next post.

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