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Exploring "Rhythm & Balance" with Joe Parson

In his exhibition, Rhythm & Balance, Joe Parson creates a unique perspective that uses

visual dynamics, movement, balance and rhythm in the art of drums & drumming. He

transferred the emotions and passion of drums to the canvas.

Parson is an artist based in Atlanta. He is an accomplished visual arts teacher and has

exhibited in group exhibitions at the Columbus College of Art & Design during his

teaching tenure there. Joe consistently is working as a commissioned artist at


Asked about the exhibition, Parson reflected, “This is a constantly growing theme for

me. Painting and drumming both start from a single stroke or rudiment and both

exhibited similar sensibilities in creating this series. My approach to both art forms

have continually grown together in rhythmic balance.”

The Rhythm & Balance art exhibition will impress and surprise gallery visitors with

movements of line & color, drum forms, & the unity of painting & drumming.

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