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Marsha Icko Paris chose to move to Lexington a few years ago because of the beauty of the bluegrass landscape. She moved with her puppy, Zena, and her long time companion horse, Travis. Marsha quickly found a barn for Travis, and prioritizes daily exercise with Travis to keep him fit. Together, they recently achieved a century ride! When Marsha isn't busy with her horse and pup, she spends her time on portraits and commissions for others. She has developed quite a following in the equine world by creating scenes across all equestrian disciplines, as well as individual requests for commissions. She also loves to paint portraits of children and adults. Her unique expression with her brushstrokes will capture a likeness and a liveliness which makes you feel that her portraits are fresh, real and caught in a moment of time, just like the painting of Jody and Ollie below.

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