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Legends, Wildlife and Landscapes explored by Ronna Fisher

Extravagant Nature features the landscape and wildlife paintings of artist Ronna Fisher. Filled with color and light, the exhibit describes the natural world with 60 paintings done in oil and acrylic. The collection portrays a variety of wildlife, from bison to butterflies, and includes many familiar landscape scenes from Kentucky. The artist’s style and subject matter is something studio visitors have come to enjoy with ease as it touches our universally shared sense of beauty in the world around us.

Among the Kentucky locations depicted in the exhibited work are Shaker Village, Raven Run, Russell Fork, the Red River Gorge, and Cumberland Falls. Paintings that reflect sites along the Swift Camp Creek (Red River Gorge in the Clifty Wilderness) were inspired by the legend of Jonathan Swift’s lost silver mines.

The artwork displayed in the artist’s downtown Lexington studio often generates visitor response and lively discussions. Fisher reflects about a viewer reaction to a painting, “She told me a blue grosbeak had been frequenting her bird feeder and that he would make a fuss if the feeder was empty to prompt her to fill it. She then showed me the video of the grosbeak’s antics as he demonstrated his displeasure over the empty feeder. Her video was amazing and I was so happy to have painted something that she found to be a beautiful part of her experience with nature.”

The exhibit may be viewed Fridays and Saturdays from noon to 4:00 pm. The artist, Ronna Fisher, is in her studio at Artists’ Attic to meet viewers and answer any questions they may have about her work.



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