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Featured Studio Artist: Lora Lea Dawson

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

From Lora Lea Dawson: "I chose the images of my most current works that exhibit my use of color and broad expressive, brush strokes.  I hope you enjoy viewing them as much as I loved painting  them. I’ve missed seeing everyone during this time and I hope you can visit the studio soon!”

Boats In Ghana, 10”X18”oil canvas, $425.00

The Wave, 18x24 oil on canvas, $525.00

Coral Lining/Kentucky Sky, 20X20 Oil, $650

White Roses, 18X24 Oil, $650

Indigo Sea, 16X20 Oil, $475

Raku, Candlesticks, and Butterfly Pillow, 12X12 Giclee, $200

If you're interested in contacting Lora Lea Dawson, shoot her an email at loralea.dawson@gmail.com. Check out Lora Lea Dawson's website here.

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Monday - Friday 11am-5pm by appointment 254-5501

Saturday 12-4pm open to the public.

Masks are required for admittance and social distancing should be observed for the duration of the visit.


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