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Minerals, Sand and Coal...An Artist's Sandbox

Darrell Ishmael has a beautiful studio at the Artists Attic to showcase his dynamic, textured paintings. He uses a large brush (pressure washer) and big canvases to create truly unique paintings that will make a statement. His work is appreciated by both the homeowner and in commercial design as a result. Darrell stays true to his Kentucky roots by representing the use of minerals like sand and coal into his paintings. These textures ripple gently through his process to create an ethereal aesthetic that will resonate across a room and draw you into his work. He is well known for his bold equestrian pieces that will often feature a singular horse or many horses running a race or across a field. While his equestrian work often features horses in motion, his landscapes often reflect a quieter peaceful viewpoint. Darrell's use of color is broad: it can range from the deepest, dark colors of coal to the peaceful colors of sand and aquas. Darrell's range of subject matter reaches beyond Kentucky, but there's always a little bit of its mineral heritage tucked into each of his paintings.

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