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Friday, July 19, 2019


Sharon Ross

Elbert Hubbard said Art is not a thing; it is a way. Since I first held a pencil, art is a way for me to understand, see and interpret the world around me. Inspired by an awesome high school art teacher, I earned a BA in Art in the early 70’s. After a long career in management and marketing in the non-profit sector, I found my way back to the study and creation of art. As a student of art, I work to improve my skills by practice and studying with the local and national artists whom I admire. As a creator of art, I love exploring the potential and limits of a variety of mediums, styles and subjects. Art is my way to learning, creating and exploring.

Celery Jones

Born in Morehead and raised in Versailles, Kentucky, Celery Jones is best known for her multifaceted range. Her study of visual art began at a very young age, encouraged by her mother, De Selby, a painter. At 18, Celery's family relocated to Wales, where she studied Animation at the University of Wales in Cardiff before moving to work with Oasis, a media based charitable trust. Upon returning to the United States, she studied 2D Design and Drawing at the University of Kentucky. She then was employed with Plaid Enterprises, a craft paint manufacturer in Atlanta.

Celery joined the Atlanta Rollergirls that same year, skating until 2010 while transitioning professionally into the film and television industry. As a decorative painter and then scenic artist for Turner Studios, her keen knowledge of materials and brush skills flourished. It was her anything goes attitude paired with these skills that led to a position as art director for the Atlanta based production company, Flynnside Out.

There she created and produced content for HGTV, DIY Network, Target, Home Depot, and residential projects. After 6 years in Los Angeles creating artwork for television productions (The Walking Dead, Atlanta, Cartoon Network, and others), she returned to Kentucky in 2018 to paint full time. Because she most often works by commission, she has the opportunity to explore a mix of styles and mediums, constantly expanding her skill set. Event production, costume design, and commissioned murals offer even more opportunity.


"This collection was born from a deep desire for the freedom that variety offers: freedom from the idea that artists must adhere to one style for all art they create, freedom in color choice, freedom of mark making...freedom to stretch daydreams out on a variety of surfaces, without regard to what history dictates "art' to be. And, freedom for the viewer--to question his or her own perception of each piece.

I have never been able to limit myself to one style, or even five! My inner monologue is always visual. I think in colors, shapes, and patterns. Relaying stories through my work requires a variety of visual languages depending on those three factors. As each tale unfolds, sometimes it is up to the viewer to decide what to make of it rather than me telling them what to see. Observing the visual language of others is what love looks like. Jesus, Mr. Rogers, and Dolly Parton taught me it is the only thing worthwhile: loving people.


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