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Updated: Jul 12, 2020

Joe Sartor
Teacher, Actor, and PAINTER

Now Showing through October
Artists' Reception
Friday November 16, 2018
5-8 pm

"Sartorisms" assembled for this venue represent works produced since 2004, but are more recent. My primary medium is acrylic on canvas. Subject matter is rather free ranging, involving personal and/or shared themes. My ideas evolve from past and present associations with pets, persons and familiar places. Titles play an integral role with my imagery and are open to interpretations of my interpretations. Viewers may have to decide to take some Sartorisms with a grain of salt or cream and sugar, or not be taken too seriously at all.

However, there are also some serious Sartorisms for serious minded viewers. Please do not feel seriously impaired if you cannot find them.

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Monday - Friday 11am-5pm by appointment 254-5501

Saturday 12-4pm open to the public.

Masks are required for admittance and social distancing should be observed for the duration of the visit.


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