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"What a Blast!"

Darrell Ishmael has a blast creating his artwork with the use of pressure washers, minerals and paint to create expressive works of art full of movement and apply them to the canvas. His work really sparkles in these new crop of equine paintings with a race horse themed focus. He brings one recently famous racehorse, "Justified", to life, and shares his perspective of the exhilaration of a close finish at the racecourse with "Triple Threat". In addition, he hones in on the wildness and unbroken spirit of horses in the thematic work of "Skyward", "Runaway" and "High Octane". If you prefer a gentle spirit in a horse, Darrell provides it with "Mane". You'll be sure to find a painting to add to your own collection with Darrell's work, which is in high demand. Visit the Artists Attic and Darrell's studio to see these new paintings before they all are gone! Contact Darrell At https://www.iamishmael.com/contact-us.html

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